[mythtv-users] can't record

Hendrik Wouters hwouters at pandora.be
Mon Nov 1 16:13:59 UTC 2004

Op maandag 1 november 2004 16:47, schreef Steven:
> > I'm living in belgium (flandres) and I had to follow some mythtv
> > instructions on http://www.nerdhero.org/index.php/Howtos/MythTV
> >
> > Probably, there is something wrong with my mysql-database?
> The problem with the guide you mention has come up here a few times.
> They provide a channel table but if I remember correctly this table is
> using a scheme from a previous verion or else not setting the right
> sourceid or something.
> Search the archives...
I tried the following:

I deleted all channels, and I just added only one channel. If I now go to the 
'program guide section' sections, the frontend crashes. In live tv mode I 
still see program info of that one channel.

Should I try to clear out program information?

Greetings Hendrik
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