[mythtv-users] tv_grab_dvb Get XML output but no programs in it.

Paul Wheeler paulrwheeler at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 14:00:29 UTC 2004

I am trying to get the EPG data via tv_grab_dvb, the digital mythbox
doesnt have an internet connection. I am using tv_grab_dvb 0.9 without
any of the patches. I place a personnalized channels.conf file in the
tv_grab_dvb source directory and compile. It compiles cleanly. When i
run it i get the channel identifiers but no programs in between. (I
run it by typing ./tv_grab_dvb and let the ouput come to the console)
The output is about a page long with all the channels but no programs.
This is used in london with the crystal palace transmitter.

I thought the problem might be with not tuning the dvb-t card in so
have tried having bbc one playing in myth and then running tv_grab_dvb
in a console. Also tried using dvbtune and checking video from
/dev/dvb works before running, still with no success.

The dvb-t card is a Hauppauge dec-2000t. When tested in windows and on
a tv via scart I can get epg data.

I know this technically isnt a Mythtv issue but I figured this is
probably the best place to get help.


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