[mythtv-users] weird problem with sound / pvr350 and new mobo

zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx zardoz at ZardoZ.ath.cx
Mon Nov 1 13:53:12 UTC 2004

hi all,

I need some thoughts. On my old system, a sis based mobo from msi with an old 
celeron 2gig I was using the pvr-350 tv out with success. in detail it was 
recording & playback of recordings perfect, but when watching dvd-rips the 
sound was 'with digital birds' in the background (don' know how to explain in 
english), say 'chilp/chilp' as 'noise'. I was using the 'use pvr350 tvout' in 
myth. so easy and dirty workaround was to use mplayer 0.9something for this.
(of course ivtv-fb with ivtvdev.o for X). worked good.
since the old h/w was to loud (you may remember my threads ;-), I switched to 
a new mobo (asus p4r800vm) with a celeron 2.6gig. took the old harddisk over 
to the new mobo, needed to tweak some chipset specific things.
dmesg tells me that drives use dma, hdparm reports something around 55mb, so 
should be fine.
on the old system, i used oss, now for the new mobo I needed to switch to 
again, tv, recording and playback of recording works like a charm, but dvd 
rips have the same 'noise' like before when using myth, but mplayer doesn't 
work no more. the picture is choppy, sound is running a way in front the 
video, the longer you watch, the worser it gets. but even if it would be in 
sync, the picture is choppy. I don't get it since the h/w is much younger and 
more powerfull than the old one. also tried mplayer 1.0something, same story.
then I thought I would be a smart guy, just tell myth to use ALSA:default 
instead of /dev/dsp, but same noise.....

what am i missing here ?

thanks for your help

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