[mythtv-users] ATI TV Out

Tilman Kispersky tilman at wiredmail.org
Mon Nov 1 02:50:18 UTC 2004

I was using the gatos drivers right from the debian repository.

The atitvout -f or -r didn't seem to do anything.

I'm going to guess that they aren't the ones needed to support TV out.
I supppose I'll download the ati.2 -r tv_output and try that.
Its a pain since I have to build Xfree86 with that as far as I can tell
which has some custom build proceedures as far as I can tell.

How are other people getting around the  tv out problem?
Is everyone using an Nvidia or new ATI card?

Shawn Flynn said the following on 10/31/04 19:33:

>The atitvout utility may not be recognizing your video card chipset
>correctly. First, ensure you are in an 800x600 or smaller video mode, then
>try to force atitvout with either the -f or -r switches...
>	# atitvout -f t
>		or
>	# atitvout -r t
>That may do it for you.
>Also, please note that there is only one very specific version of the gatos
>drivers that supports tvout. It is the ati.2 cvs branch using the
>"tv_output" tag. Make sure you have that version installed or tvout will
>_not_ work.
>I hope this helps. Good Luck.
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