[mythtv-users] Re: Default Input Doesn't Work After Upgrade to 0.15 and DataDirect

Stefan Frank sfr+lists at 6913304088794.gnuu.de
Mon May 31 19:47:24 EDT 2004

Stefan Frank <sfr+lists at 6913304088794.gnuu.de> writes:

Wow do i feel dumb. 30 minutes after sendind this mail i figured out
what my problem is. When entering live-tv the backend selects the 
configured input only for the first tuner card. For additional tuner
cards it doesn't do that but rather expects the card to be set up
correctly. xawtv was selecting the 'Television' input on the marvel card
in my case.

Afaik (thanks to CoaxD on #mythtv-users) the backend does 'the right
thing' for scheduled recordings.

HTH again, Stefan

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