[mythtv-users] How many tuner for frontend?

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Mon May 31 09:20:19 EDT 2004

You need to have one tuner for every frontend that wants to watch at any given time.  For example, if you are watching TV in the kitchen and someone else is in the bedroom, wanting to watch TV you need two.  If there are three frontends, but only two people in the house, you only need two tuners.  It's hard to explain clearly, but you need one tuner for every task you'd like to accomplish simultaneously, wether that's recording or watching live-tv.  It's considered the same thing.



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Subject: [mythtv-users] How many tuner for frontend?

Hi all,


I have been using mythtv for 2-3 weeks. This is great work! Any help would be great to discover much about this project.


1.	It is connected to my living room TV and I would like to watch live-TV in my kitchen and bedroom also. Shortly, I have 3 frontend and one backend. 

I have 1 tuner right now. When I try to watch TV from my bedroom while someone is watching in living room, mythtv says there is no encoder available (it is not the whole message but it is the meaning).

Now I wonder how many tuner is needed for 3 frontends in order to watch live-tv at the same time?


2.	I am in Turkey. I'd like to add local program and channel information to record the related shows. But I have no success so far. It seems to be much complicated for me about the relationship between xmltv-mythtv-tuner triangle. Any short description would be great. Also I wonder if someone has success on custom channel and program guide in mythtv. 


Thanks for any support,


Goktug Yildirim

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