[mythtv-users] Re: Transcode issues at "excellent" quality setting

Nick Fasano nfasano at mac.com
Mon May 31 00:05:04 EDT 2004

> You have to look at the dvdinput table. The
> PAL/NTSC/letterbox/fullscreen values are matched by a single row in the
> dvdinput table. Next, notice that the dvdoutput table has a column
> called "input". If you insert, say, an NTSC 4:3 disc (with no
> letterboxing), the mtd will use the dvdinput table to figure out that
> the DVD input type is 4. Then, the only transcoding (ie. dvdoutput) 
> rows
> that are relevant for that DVD are those that have the value 4 in their
> input column (one excellent and one good).
> The is necessary because, of course, transcode clipping and resizing
> parameters are completely different for different import formats.
> - thor

Ok, this finally makes complete sense.  The dvdinput table was what I 
didn't know about.  That said, it looks as if everything is set up 
already to crop letterboxes from my 2.35:1 sources, but the relevant 
line isn't in the dvdtranscode table.  In other words, the two entries 
under "excellent" are for 4:3 and 16:9 non-letterboxed.  It looks like 
I just need to add a 16:9 letterboxed line at the end with the proper 
cropping values and I'm all set.  It just seems strange that there are 
the necessary entries for "good" but not for "excellent".

Out of curiosity, how does it know that a source is letterboxed?


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