[mythtv-users] PVR350 and X Display

Wayne Eaker mythtv at zenquest.com
Sat May 29 23:25:16 EDT 2004

Well, I tried setting the HorizSync down to 30-50 and the VertRefresh to 
50, but still no luck.
Any other ideas?


Cyber Source wrote:*
You might need some settings to adjust your refresh rates sent to the 
tv, I have an NVIDIA card and here is a snippet from my conf file,
Section "Device"
       Identifier  "Videocard0"
       Driver      "nvidia"
       VendorName  "Videocard vendor"
       BoardName   "NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX (generic)"
       Option      "RenderAccel" "1"
       #TV Out Setup
       Option      "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"
       Option      "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"
       Option      "TVOverScan" "0.6"
       #Twin View Setup
       Option      "TwinView"
       Option      "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "30-50"
       Option      "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "60"
       Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT, TV"

Wayne Eaker wrote:

> / This is my first time creating a MythTV box, and I could use a little 

/>/ help. I'm following Jarod's guide for installing with FC1. I get />/ 
through the PVR350 instructions for the test pattern, which works, and 
/>/ the direct TV output, which works. It looks great.
/>/ However, when I try to use his XF86Config file for sending X over to 
/>/ the TV, it doesn't work. When I hit ctl-alt-backspace to reload, all 
I />/ can see is a black screen on the TV. X is still running, though. 
If I />/ type a username [ENTER] and password [ENTER], I can see the 
hard drive />/ churning like it's loading things up. If I try to switch 
to another />/ console screen, don't get any login prompt, but I get a 
huge flashing />/ cursor. I can type, and it moves, but it doesn't echo 
to the screen.
/>/ This happens both when I use the S-Video option or the Composite. 
/>/ Could the NTSC Monitor settings be different for my TV? It is a 
little />/ on the cheap side, though the video came through perfectly. 
Anyone />/ have any ideas for what I can try?
/>/ Thanks,
/>/ Wayne Eaker
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