[mythtv-users] Severely squashed playback after upgrade to 0.15

Jason E Miller jasonm at MIT.EDU
Fri May 28 17:52:03 EDT 2004

I upgraded MythTV to 0.15 using Axel's rpms last night and
now the picture is squashed vertically when I try to view
live TV or watch a recorded show.  By "squashed" I mean that
the video fills the width of the screen as it should but it
is compressed in the vertical direction to approximately
1/8th of its normal size.  The result is a thin band of
badly distorted video running across the middle of the
screen.  It seems to be the full image compressed down (i.e.
I don't think there is any cropping going on).  This problem
is present with both new recordings as well as recordings
made before the upgrade).  Both the GUI and MythVideo seem
to work perfectly.  All of this worked perfectly pre-upgrade.
There are no unusual messages in the logs from either the
backend or the frontend.

A few additional details... I'm running Redhat 9 and using
the TV-out on an ATI video card (no PVR-350 yet).  A few
days ago, in preparation for the upgrade, I manually upgraded
wget and then did:

   apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

The old 0.14 system worked fine after this but I don't
remember if I actually restarted the frontend or backend after
the upgrade.  I can check the logs later if it's important.
For the MythTV upgrade last night, I did:

  apt-get update
  apt-get install mythtv-suite

I doubt that this is related but I'll mention it just in case:
I did have trouble with the mysql commands (I'm running MySQL
3.x) to update the channel icons.  After running the commands,
I ran mythtvsetup and went into the channel editor and found a
huge mess.  The path to the icon file was in the channel name
slot, the channel ID was 32768 for every channel, etc.  I
decided that I didn't need icons right now so I restored my
database, reran setup and just skipped the part about moving
channel icon info.  Now everything looks reasonable.

Has anyone else seen a problem with playback being squashed
like this?  Is it possible that the dist-upgrade wrecked
some package that is needed for playback under 0.15 but not


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