[mythtv-users] Master channel icon xml file...

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri May 28 15:48:09 EDT 2004

Josh Dalcher wrote:
> My upgrade to 0.15 went pretty well.

Was it from source code or a package for your Linux distribution?

  I'm looking for the master channel 
> icon xml file that has been mentioned in the docs (used for restoring 
> channel icons).  I have the XMLTV software installed, but cannot locate 
> the contrib folder that supposedly contains the mkiconmap.pl file that I 
> need to restore my channel icons.

If it was from source it's in ./mythtv/contrib .

If you got a package, it should be where ever your other sample
files are and scripts are look in /usr/local/share/mythtv/ or
check with the package maintainer.

> If anyone has a spare copy of the master_iconmap.xml file, please send 
> it my way.  Thank you!

I'll send them privately so as not to spam the list.

--  bjm

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