[mythtv-users] Luck with PVR-350 card and video out?

Mike J. Harrison MJHarrison at eclnet.com
Fri May 28 14:54:20 EDT 2004

> Quote Bill Chmura:
> hardware decoding !  Besides chicks dig the whole extra monitor thing 

My wife would kill me if I put a computer monitor anywhere near the
front room.

I have an RGB-NTSC converter going from my video card to one input on
the tv, and the 350's out going to another input.  My system doesn't
crash this way (It crashed all the time with X through the 350).  

So all I have to do is pick what I want to watch, then push "input" on
my tv remote and it goes to the video stream.  Of course it would be
easier to have it all right there, but I like the 350's picture a lot
more, and the WAF is much higher this way.  We only use the frontend to
setup recordings and choose recordings anyway, so it's not a lot of

Just a thought for those of you who have a big screen with several
inputs on it.


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