[mythtv-users] .15 cvs installed, but gentoo .12 remains, help

Timo Boettcher spida at gmx.net
Fri May 28 04:33:42 EDT 2004

Hi Bill,

* Bill Chmura <Bill at Explosivo.com>, Thursday, May 27, 2004, 8:39:01 AM:

> I don't remember exactly, but I went the gentoo route at first before
> switching to the CVS awhile back.  The Gentoo stuff installed into different
> places... You may want to just do the emerge -C on it...
I tend to hack the ebuilds to work with the new versions, something
mkdir /usr/local/portage/media-video/mythtv/
cd /usr/local/portage/media-video/mythtv/
sed -e "s/0.14/0.15/" \
/usr/portage/media-video/mythtv/mythtv-0.14.ebuild > mythtv-0.15.ebuild

would probably not work this way, but you get the direction
If you can't get it to work, take the ebuild and work closely with the
commands in the ebuild, that way could get everything in the path
where you would want it on a gentoo system.

> but before you do
> that make a copy of your init.d file...  It comes in handy later as the
> emerge will remove it.
no, it won't (at least not in the default configuration, where /etc is

> I've been happy with the CVS versions... only a few little problems 
> occasionally over the past few months.  Its the bleeding edge though - so
> expect some headaches if you stay up with it.

> : )

> Oh, I don't think the emege will remove your database...  You can always do a
> backup of the database (see the docs for how to do that).
you would have to remover mysql for that, and I am not even sure the
db would be deleted in that case

> Best of luck

> On Thursday 27 May 2004 02:17 am, Jeff "Muddy" Waters wrote:
>> Hi guys, I followed the doco and it appears .15 cvs (from two days ago)
>> is up and running. However the data appears jacked up on my .12 frontend
>> so I'm assuming I need to upgrade the frontends as well. I'm in the
>> process of doing that but my concern is I have not removed the .12
>> version from my server. So I have two mythfilldatabase, two mythbackend
>> and such.
>> This will cause problems, any ideas if I try to emerge delete the .12
>> version will it also erase my database?
>> Or should I just remove by hand the duplicate executable files?
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff


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