[mythtv-users] Buffer Dump to Recordings

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Mon May 24 22:00:05 EDT 2004

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> Mike J. Harrison wrote:
> > I was watching TV last night, and realized at the end of the program I
> > was watching that I wanted a copy of it to view later.  Since it was
> > all still in the buffer (I hadn't changed channels), is it possible to
> > dump the buffer to the hard drive (Maybe in the recordings folder?),
> > even if it's just marked with a time stamp?
> >
> > Just curious -- might not be a bad idea for a simple feature addition
> > if it's not already possible.  Might make it possible to catch those
> > hilarious advertisements or a funny moment in a program you don't
> > normally record.  Thoughts?
> >
> > Mike
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> That is a good idea. My Tivo can save the current buffer and then keep
> recording to the new file just like you had set the program to record
> from the scheduler. It knows the channel you are on and the start time
> of the current show so if the buffer goes back to a show previous to the
> one you are recording it will only save from the start of the current
> show forward. I have used this many time when the channel happened to be
> on and I had forgot to schedule the show or it was something I had not
> thought about recording.
> - James
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I haven't tested it to make sure, but isn't that was 'r' does when you are
watching LiveTV?

>From keys.txt
LiveTV Browse Mode:
- Left          browse program prior to current listed program.
- Right         browse program following current listed program.
- Up            browse program on channel above current listed
- Down          browse program on channel below current listed
- /             browse program on next favorite channel.
- 0-9           enter a channel number to browse.
- Enter/Space   change channel to channel of current listed program.
- R/r           Toggle recording of current program (cycles through types)
- ESC/O         Exit Browse mode.


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