[mythtv-users] Wishlist...

Pigeon pigeon at pigeond.net
Mon May 24 18:36:58 EDT 2004

Hi all,

    Sorry if this isn't really the place for posting wishlist.

    Recently I've done a small introductory talk on MythTV, and I've put
a couple of wishlist items at the end, and I guess I'll share it here

    - PiP with on TV tuner card.
	It would be good if I can have a PiP showing what's on TV while
I'm watching a recording, and possibly vice versa, too.

    - Live TV sharing.
	This might be trickly (technically). Multiple frontends could
play and watch TV from the same ring buffer, even if, maybe, only one
can be the main control of it (e.g. changing channels, rewind, etc),
it's still good.

    - Saving what's on the ring buffer.
	As Mike has mentioned in the last e-mail, often we might be
watching live TV and we saw something that we wanted to save it.

    - Automatic recordings export.
	This might not be at mythbackend/mythfrontend, but maybe
something to do with nuvexport. I export recordings on a dialy basis so
that I can watch TV shows, for example, on the train, on my iPAQ
handheld (running Linux too). So far I've been manually running
nuvexport every single time. It might be useful if I could automate the

	(I imagine I could write a script to be run every now and then
or under cron, to somehow use nuvexport to do all this itself)

    Thanks all for reading :>


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