[mythtv-users] Buffer Dump to Recordings

Pigeon pigeon at pigeond.net
Mon May 24 18:24:53 EDT 2004

>    I was watching TV last night, and realized at the end of the program I
>    was watching that I wanted a copy of it to view later.  Since it was
>    all still in the buffer (I hadn't changed channels), is it possible to
>    dump the buffer to the hard drive (Maybe in the recordings folder?),
>    even if it's just marked with a time stamp?

    I've done it once myself. I made a copy of the ringbuf1.nuv (usually
in where your recordings are stored), and then rename the file to the
MythTV nuv convention (i.e. channelid_startime_endtime.nuv), and
manually insert it into the "recorded" table in the database

    I suppose if you have any external program that can play MythTV's
nuv file, you won't have to fiddle with the database.

>    Just curious -- might not be a bad idea for a simple feature addition
>    if it's not already possible.  Might make it possible to catch those
>    hilarious advertisements or a funny moment in a program you don't
>    normally record.  Thoughts?

    Yes, in fact this is a feature I'd like to have, too.


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