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bobnvic at everestkc.net bobnvic at everestkc.net
Mon May 24 15:25:24 EDT 2004

Travis Kelley wrote:
> I started running the cvs version of mythweb last night and 
> noticed we
> now have support to download the video's from myth.  One problem I 
> havenoticed is that if you have movies in directories under the 
> directoryyou specified in mythtv for your video directory they 
> can't be
> downloaded properly.  For instance if your video directory is 
> /video and
> you have a /video/comedy when you try to download a movie from the
> /video/comedy folder mythweb will attempt to pull it from the /video
> folder.  Seems like mythweb isn't picking up the fact that the video's
> are not in the "root" directory.  Anyone else experienced this?

I just sent a patch to the developer mailing list to fix this.
Let me know if there any any other problems or ideas for the mythvideo 
page in mythweb.  I'm looking for *simple* projects to do in mythweb
as I'm just learning php (and coding in general).

Bob C
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