[mythtv-users] MythTV Works! Now for some questions...

Josh mythtv at dalcher.com
Mon May 24 14:46:36 EDT 2004

Thanks to everyone that has helped me get my MythTV system operational!  I
have a few questions from a newbie perspective that I hope someone will lower
themselves to help me with.

First, is there a way to watch LiveTV while recording?  I only have one
PVR-350 card, I didn't know if this was accomplishable using a cable toggle or
some kind of workaround.  I know TiVo has a way to wire things up that allows
you to bomb out while it is recording to your standard cable hookup and watch
TV regularly.

Secondly, I notice that my X-Windows is too large for my TV screen, and
despite what resolution settings I change it to it remains this way.  I also
lose mouse support when X is run through my PVR-350 TV-out.  This is not a big
issue, but it is an annoyance.  I am using the XF86Config from Jarod's guide. 
Is there a way to resolve this?

Thirdly, is there a way to make the LiveTV feed change channels based on the
selected guide item?  It'd be nice to have a "Change to this channel" option
when viewing the guide from LiveTV, instead of the recording options.

Any suggestions on a good gamepad style joystick that works well with Linux
and Myth?  I have a Gameport on my Soundblaster Live card that I would like to
use, but I've never been successful in getting it to work.

Finally, is there a tutorial anywhere for compiling the CVS version of MythTV?
 I was able to resolve the DirectDownload guide problem myself, but I'd rather
stay with a version that handles things natively without my unskilled self
dinking with it too much.

I'm sure I will come up with some more as time rolls by, but I thank anyone in
advance that can help out with these issues.

-Josh, forward-looking and happy MythTV user

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