[mythtv-users] mythfrontend using 30% cpu at main menu (BUG)

Matthew Schumacher schu at schu.net
Mon May 24 14:27:46 EDT 2004

J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>> Matthew Schumacher wrote:
>>> Anyone know why my mythfrontend is eating up 30% of the cpu just 
>>> idling on the main menu?  It seems that the cpu usage is not very 
>>> closely related to what it's doing.  Sometimes video playback is nice 
>>> and smooth and sometimes it's jerky.  If I restart mythfrontend it's 
>>> smooth again.
>> Ok, I know what causes this now and I'm pretty sure it's a bug:
> It's a known bug that's fixed in .15

I am using .15, do you know what week the patch went in?  Perhaps I'll 
update to current again....


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