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This got posted on our local lug today.  I'm sure glad I live in Canada

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Hi all,

I came across this comment from Don Marti (LJ) about impending
changes to tv-tuner cards in line with IP driven legislation.

" In a major setback for those who choose to build their own
entertainment devices, the US Federal Communications Commission has
approved the so-called "Broadcast Flag" regulation. That's bad news
for Linux boxes, Ultimate and otherwise. Future HDTV-capable tuner
cards will be required to enforce a to-be-determined copy
restriction regime. This is one product category that won't get
better next year; it'll be worse. If you live in the US, before the
end of 2004, if you buy no other PC hardware, pick up a pcHDTV card.
Think of it as the digital equivalent of your dad's humidor of Cuban
cigars. "


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