[mythtv-users] New features in CVS 0.15

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon May 24 02:45:00 EDT 2004

Kyle Kelly wrote:
> Bruce Smith wrote:
>> Here is a very small picture showing a portion of mythweb with the dup:
>> http://www.reddog.org/dup.jpg
> Haven't read the rest of this thread, so if I'm repeating, I apologize.
> I had the exact same problem (show in picture) when I first upgraded to 
> cvs, my solution was to start setup and tell it to forget my channel 
> listing settings (backing up sql database first obviously).  After I 
> created the new video source and ran mythfilldatabase everything was 
> back to normal.

Right, I've the same kind of thing too and had also suggested cleaning
out the channel table and letting mythfilldatabase refill it. However,
it turns out that this is mythweb which didn't know it could match
channels until this evening.

Bruce, update your mythweb CVS. You should now only see one "3 WWMT".

--  bjm

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