[mythtv-users] zap2it or mythfilldatabase problem

BP lists at qucae.com
Sun May 23 18:29:03 EDT 2004

Scott W. Edwards wrote:
> Hi List,
> I started having this problem last night:
> Fetching data for Mon May 31 2004
> ----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------

Did you try searching the archives or reading the list from the past 
couple days?

Here's one thread that could help you: 

If you were not aware, you can search the archives at 

They have a handy feature to search posts from the last 1 day, 3 days, 1 
week, etc.  A simple search of zap2it and a period of 3 days would have 
given you the answer.

To answer your question, yes, everyone in NA is having this problem. 
The developers are pushing hard to get .15 out this week before the data 
runs out.

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