[mythtv-users] New features in CVS 0.15

Bruce Smith mythtv at reddog.org
Sun May 23 16:12:59 EDT 2004

> > I do have one usage question.  I was told before that 0.15 handled my
> > situation better, where I have a digital cable box (channels 2-999) in
> > one capture card, and an analog signal from a splitter in the other
> > capture card (channels 2-99).  Both inputs are from the same provider,
> > just different channel ranges.  However, I can't seem to figure out how
> > to handle this better than I was doing with 0.14 (two different video
> > sources).  How is 0.15 better?  Can I use the same video source for both
> > and limit the channels on the one card somehow?  TIA!!!
> Video source means something roughly equivalent to set of channels
> and listing. So, yes, you do need to create two linups at zap2it
> and set up two video sources and associate your inputs with which
> video source (set of listings) they receive.
> What's better in 0.15 is that it now knows when more than one input
> and channel are really the same broadcaster and can choose to record
> a show from either one.
> Say for example you have HBO on digital channel 240 and HBO on analog
> channel 70. Of course the signal is better on 240 so you can either
> give 240 a channel priority of "1" or you can give the whole digital
> cable box input an input preference of "1" to tell the scheduler that
> the digital channels are a better choice.
> If you schedule a live boxing match, the scheduler will try to record
> it on 240. However, if there was something with a higher priority that
> needed the digital input, the scheduler now knows that it can record
> this HBO show on 70 instead if it has to.

Thanks for the explanation.  I have it setup with two different video
sources and channels 2-99 are listed twice in the program guide and on
the program web page.  Is that correct?

And you're saying that I want to record something on channel 17, I can
choose either of the channel 17's listed, and it will decide which one
to record on, depending on priorities?

> With 0.14 or earlier a Channel record would only record on that
> specific channel/input. If you had the same channel on two inputs
> the EPG would show the listings twice. If you chose a show to record
> on one of the two listings, it would only record from that input and
> you couldn't see which was which.
> Therefore the trick up through 0.14 was to have 2-99 on the analog
> and just 100-999 for the digital. Now you can have 1-999 on digital
> and the scheduler is free to choose which input is best for shows on
> channels 2-99 to do the best job of resolving conflicts.

The way I did it in 0.14 was to have one 2-99 and the other 2-999, and
then I went into mythtvsetup, channel editor, and changed the "callsign"
on the 2-99 source, appending an "a" to the end so I could tell the
difference in the program listing.  Then I manually selected which card
to record on.

I also changed the callsign in 0.15 (out of habit).  Will that cause
problems with resolving conflicts?

 - BS

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