[mythtv-users] Fedora FC2

Patrik Lockne patrik at lockne.com
Sun May 23 14:59:36 EDT 2004

daryl faulds wrote:
> It's just not working with FC2 and nvidia now. There
> is one work-around but it's not with FC2 kernel. That
> way is as follows:
> 1) Download a non-FC2 kernel and compile with the
> following parameters
> Recompile the kernel and then re-run the nvidia-5336
> install and change your XF86Config as usual.

Both the nvidia and ivtv driver problems are due to the 4k stacks patch. 
I tried the solution Daryl is suggesting yesterday and it works (with 
regard to ivtv, I don't have any nvidia hardware).

Just download the latest kernel (2.6.6), copy the FC2 kernel config file 
and do a "make oldconfig". Answer no to the question regarding 4k 
stacks. Compile, install.

I'm using Chris Kennedy's patched ivtv version; ck70j.

Just a note here; make sure you remove the msp3400 module included with 
the 2.6.6 kernel, or you won't get any audio.

4k stacks will not be an option in upcoming kernel versions, if my 
googling is correct. So I guess ivtv will have to be updated soon.


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