[mythtv] RE: [mythtv-users] tv_grab_na_dd backport data to .14 system?

William Powers wepprop at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 22 11:28:45 EDT 2004

You may have two different versions of xmltv installed in different 
places.  Try 'locate xmltv' and see if that's the case.  How (by what 
method) did you originally install xmltv?


Eric Weide wrote:

>I'm having problems with the new version of xmltv.  I've installed the
>new version, but it still looks like it's the old version.
>*  media-tv/xmltv
>      Latest version available: 0.5.23
>      Latest version installed: 0.5.33
>      Size of downloaded files: 397 kB
>bash-2.05b$ tv_grab_na_dd --version
>XMLTV module version 0.5.23
>This is tv_grab_na_dd.IN version 1.10, 2004/05/08 09:15:26
>After emerging the package, and running into this problem, I manually
>downloaded it from sourceforge and that didn't change the problem.  Has
>anyone else had this problem?  If not, can someone upload a good
>tarball?  Thanks.
>Here's the error I get now.
>bash-2.05b$ tv_grab_na_dd --configure
>*ERROR* XMLTV.PM 0.5.32 required

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