[mythtv-users] Feature request. MythVideo folder browser.

David myth at dgreaves.com
Fri May 21 17:44:47 EDT 2004

Dan Morphis wrote:

> Phill Wiggin wrote:
>>  C'mon. It's a Feature Request, not a Feature Demand. Why get all ...
>>  indignant (?) ... when someone points out something that might make
>>  the project more usable? Why not just say, "If enough people need
>>  this, we might add it in the future. In the mean time, you might try
> The problem is the "we".  You presume that the developers and 
> contributors on the project just sit around and wait for people to 
> submit ideas.  They don't.  If the developers and contributors on the 
> project have an itch, they scratch it.
> 1,000 people could request this feature, and I don't honestly see 
> Isaac, Thor, Bruce, Matt, J Donavan, Chris, Kirby, Myself, or any of 
> the other regular contributors chomping at the bit waiting for people 
> to demand more of their time.  The developers and contributors have an 
> idea for something they'd like to see mythtv do,  and they implement 
> it.  Take for example the language support, if I recall the thread way 
> back when correctly; someone said they want to see the text translated 
> into abc language.  Isaac said something to the effect of, then 
> impliment it and send in a patch.  This person did, and the rest is 
> history.
> If MythTV was a commercial product, there would be no problem with 
> asking the developers, (whom you are paying by way of buying a license 
> to the product) to impliment xyz feature.  But the fact is, MythTV is 
> a free, open source project.  If their is a preticular feature you 
> want, impliment it.
> -dan


Can I suggest the harsh comments would have been perfectly at home if
wishes like that were posted in the dev-list.

This is the user list.

We have power users, users and the odd luser (far fewer than many lists)

A fair few post wishes - why don't you point them at the FAQ entry that
says "the developers don't tend to read wish lists"?


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