[mythtv-users] Feature Request

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri May 21 16:27:27 EDT 2004

Jeff "Muddy" Waters wrote:

>Would it be possible to add a feature to the schedule that searches
>for key words in a show and flags it so you can decide if you want to
>schedule it or not?
>example.. I want to record shows about the F4U Corsair, so I go into
>myth and add the keyword Corsair to the list and whenever a show pops up
>that has that word included it adds it to a list of shows to add the
>schedule. I can then say yes record it or no don't.
>Something like that would be a big, big help.
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The contributors at http://www.mythtv.info have started compiling a list 
of User requests for features.  This is an oft-requested feature.  If 
you happen to have development skills, this would be a welcome addition, 
otherwise it will be up to a developer to pick up this task and run with it.



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