[mythtv-users] 3rd Try: Succeed in using mythtv with Pinnacle

anonbeat anon_beat at hotmail.com
Thu May 20 03:24:12 EDT 2004

>after some small patches in the tuning routines I am able to use MythTV with
>two DVB-S cards and the proper
>2-LNB environment (Astra+Hotbird). I finally discovered that the
>dvbdiseqc.cpp routine took some code from the 
>Original szap/dvbtune C code but added some typos.
>I also managed to set up proper Astra 19.2E channels for around 40 most
>used channels in Germany. 
>The software now seems to work in most parts :-) (strange missmatch in
>colors which I do not understand - 
>the blue color plane is shifted against the other colors).
>If anyone is interested in the patch please ask (I could not find any
>"official" path to announce patches).
>The channel definitions (as SQL inserts ) can also be made available.
>Help in making the software useful for German use (tv_grab_tv_today,
>channels of DVB-S, PAL etc) and
>Discussions about digital satellite use is welcome.
    Im very interested in the patch and also if possible the database dump. Im trying to set up
mythtv with a twinhan vp-1020 clone card with a Diseqc with two sats one to Astra and other to 
Hispasat with no sucess configuring the channels. Out of myth i can scan, tune channels with no 

Thanks in advance

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