[mythtv-users] IR Blaster for a UK Sky DigiBox

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed May 19 08:06:19 EDT 2004

Steve Dobson wrote:

>Hi all UK users of MythTV
>I'm looking for an IR transmitter that I can use to control my Pace
>DigiBox here in the UK.  I would prefer to keep the 9-pin D-type 
>serial port free for console but that is *not* a hard requirement.
>What are my options?
homebrew, modify the pins used and split the wire (I figure anyone with 
a serial console can grok the C in the lirc kernel module ;) )
IrDA on the motherboard (I failed to get this to work with an Actisys 
200L (I think))

Other than that see commercial options on the lirc site


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