[mythtv-users] different channels on different tuners, browsing possible???

Kevin Lee leek at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Wed May 19 06:08:25 EDT 2004

Hi guys,
I'm hoping someone can help with a really specific problem i've got...
(using current mythtv cvs)

I've got a DVB-T and a DVB-S which both work fine independently from each
other in Mythtv.
The DVB-T has one set of channels and its own video source.
The DVB-S has another set of channels and its own video source.  (some
cross-over, but i'll ignore that for now).
I think this is the correct way of setting up two cards???

I want to be able to browse both sets of channels using the liveTV in the
However if I start from channel 1 (say bbc1) which is on the DVB-T, and try
and navigate to channel 47 (CNN) on the DVB-S, the livetv ignores me.
The output from mythbackend is:

Channel: '47' was not found in the database.
Most likely, the default channel set for this input
(9 DVBInput )
in setup is wrong

As 9 is the id for the nova-t is looks to me that the backend isn't
recognising the channel is on a different card and switching...

(i can use the Y key to switch between inputs on a common channel, but
that's just crap..).

Anyone sucessfully done this?



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