[mythtv-users] Wiki formatting was: Mailing list and a Wiki... and a dessert topping

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue May 18 15:41:50 EDT 2004

> I've been trying to look through that Wiki that someone set up, and I 
> hate it. Why is everything titled with NamesLikeThis ? Can't it even 
> deal with spaces? It's very randomly structured, and I certainly 
> don't see how it's useful. Oh, and there's a Guides section, then a 
> HOWTO section. What's the difference? And I click on the first HOWTO 
> (Widescreen) and get a page about creating a new page. I don't want 
> that! I thought it said it was a HOWTO on getting Widescreen displays 
> to work right. And there are sentences on that page like "To create 
> your own templates, add a page with a name matching the regex 
> "[a-z]Template$". Huh? Yeah, that's going to help a newbie figure 
> things out. I'm sorry, but it all seems like a giant step backwards.

For the Wiki maintainer, some of the Wiki software has a RenamePage
function.  Can this be added to the mythtv.info wiki to correct the
NamesLikeThis aspect as needed?  One in particular, the LiRc page is indeed
annoying and renaming it would be in order.


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