[mythtv-users] Goofed up root password for MySQL

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Fri May 14 17:39:51 EDT 2004

Ok, here's the link:


Ignore the windows stuff.


On Friday 14 May 2004 05:14 pm, bmcdevitt wrote:
> Greetings!
> Working through Jarod's install, and at Step 13 Set up MySQL, I had a
> cut and paste error to the console.
> I ran this command:
> # mysql -u root mysql
> got the mysql prompt.  Cut and pasted this command into the console,
> but when I pasted I had grabbed part of the next line too (mysql>
> mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('ROOT_PWD') WHERE
> user='root';
> Apparently the part of the next line set the password...
> Not thinking anything bad had happened, I ran the next two commands:
> mysql> quit
> Now I cannot log into mysql as root, as it tells me the root password
> is bad.  I've tried all sorts of combinations of the real root
> password, no password, and the part of the line that got added in by
> accident.
> Is there any way to clear the root password and reset it or am I
> going to have to go the reinstall route?
> Thanks for your time.
> Regards, Bill
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