[mythtv-users] RE: So there already *is* a MythTV wiki - COOL

David myth at dgreaves.com
Fri May 14 11:29:03 EDT 2004

Michael J. Sherman wrote:

> The only issue with all these docs around is that it makes it hard for 
> a newbie to find anything.  Sometimes the only way to find a certain 
> doc is to search the mailing list archives for the URL because it's 
> hosted on someone else's site (not mythtv.org).


> Sorry, but I'm a *big* fan of ONE DOCUMENT that describes everything.

Is that 'MythTV' everything?
Does that include ivtv?
The sound modules? for all the sound cards?
Graphics cards?
module loading and parameters?
kernel 2.4 and 2.6?

Just where would you draw the line - having it in ONE DOCUMENT might 
make it just a tad tricky.
That came out a bit sarcastic - but you get my drift.

>  Why not just work on improving the official MythTV docs?  Do we 
> really need to start yet another resource?  For example, why not 
> integrate Jarod's guide as a chapter in the Myth docs?  I'm working on 
> a Theme HOWTO that I would hope would be integrated into the docs as 
> well.  It makes it easier to tell a newbie "check the docs".

Great idea.
Only - it's not been done.
I know - why doesn't the guy who maintains the docs quit his job so he 
can spend more time keeping them up to date?
OK - pretty obvious - and my point is that it's no-one's *job*
Open source is a community effort.
We need a collaborative tool to allow many people to edit the docs - 
that is what http://www.mythtv.info/ is supposed to be about.

Why don't you pop over and add the beginnings of your Theme guide to 
mythtv.info - you could have it up in 30 minutes.
Then people can try it - and comment back (or even edit it)
Eventually it could get added to the 'proper' docs - again, I've put 
some text up to indicate that that is our intention...

> Just sayin' is all...

Type instead... :)

And that goes for anyone else too - please feel free to add stuff - I'm 
happy to answer any wiki questions on or off list.
If you're not sure about editing the wiki, where to put things etc - 
mail me.
I would ask that all editors register - that way we can communicate with 
them if we need to.


to answer a couple of points
* The wiki is searchable
* When people have made good points on the mailing list I've 
cut'n'pasted them into the wiki

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