[mythtv-users] "Channelized" camera feeds for Myth

Shane Bush sbush at dbtech.net
Thu May 13 15:22:49 EDT 2004

Shane Bush

On Thu, 13 May 2004, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:

> >>>> "Shane Bush" <sbush at dbtech.net> 05/13/04 01:57PM >>>
> >I'm trying to come up with a video survellance method that uses Myth for
> >doing monitoring of rooms in a Daycare...  Myth would record the cameras
> >from 6am to 6:30pm M-F and the Motion app would be working the rest of the
> >time to look for intruders and such...
> >
> So why have the time restriction?  Just have them on permanent motion
> detection.  Or were you thinking Myth would record an entire days' worth
> of activity regardless of movement?  Can myth do time-lapse type recording?

Well, I would want to record each room for the whole work day in Myth,
then stop and let Motion take over ... I'm planning on streaming the
video feeds to a protected internet site for parents.
Motion wouldn't be anything other than an afterhours survellance mode...
Of course it'd be storing its video so that MythVideo would pick it up :-)

> >I'm thinking that if there was some way to setup "channelized" video.
> >Like Channel 1 be one camera, channel 2 be another, etc...
> So you'd need that many tuner cards, right?  Or would it cycle through them?
> Or would the one detecting motion start recording when motion was detected?

Yup.. For each Camera (or Channel), one tuner card would be used..
that is unless you wanted to stagger recording... In which this setup
wouldn't be optimal.

> >This would be successful in using Myth the way it was intended.. with
> >channels.  As well as being easy to maintain, it'd be scalable (I think).
> >
> >However, I don't know if a "Channelizer" exists, or even if it
> >does, what it's called...
> >
> I think it's a multiplexer.  But if each channel was a camera, would
> you want each channel going separately into the myth box, or would
> want them segmented on one screen so you could see all channels
> at the same time?  I think there is already hardware that exists
> to either segment or "scroll" through all the video feeds.  Sounds
> like a good idea, even for a hmoe install of this.  I've been thinking
> about getting some wireless cameras and putting them under the
> eaves of my house, but the cost of a time lapse VCR is almost $1,000.
> Using a homebrew myth box at about $400-$700 would be awesome,
> and I could use it as a myth box too boot.
> Paul

That's the beauty of it... You could do whatever before the 'multiplex' or
whatever afterward..

I originally planned on splitting the video feeds to the lobby to separate
tv's before this 'multiplex' idea ... But now I'm thinking that  8
cameras multiplexed together and going to a box where xawtv/other has
8 instances open, and sized just right on the nice 50" plasma in the
lobby, would be just perfect. ;-)

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