[mythtv-users] "Channelized" camera feeds for Myth

Shane Bush sbush at dbtech.net
Thu May 13 15:04:48 EDT 2004

Don't know what kind of camera yet.. Just trying to get some ideas.. ;-)
Could be anykind though...  And sure, it could be setup that way, but I
was trying to see if there were any alternatives that were cleaner and for
a way around some of the issues brought up here:


I'm still reading through the thread and some others on the list, so don't
quiz me too much on it...

Besides, I'm just thinking that one of myth's main purposes is to record
from a tuner on a specific channel at a specific time..  If possible,
and for cheap, why not provide camera feeds in a 'tuner' format?
A custom "channel lineup" and "program(s)" could be given for the Guide

I'd want to record each 'channel' so, sure, I'd have to have a tuner for
each one.  But I wouldn't have to worry about which slave backend was
recording what because the master mythbackend would handle it all.

Just some thoughts....


On Thu, 13 May 2004, Paul Woodward wrote:

> What sort of cameras are we talking about? Could you feed the signal
> into a composite video in on a normal analogue TV card? Myth already
> supports recording from that...
> Paul

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