[mythtv-users] Anyone see this? ATI TV Wonder tuner dying

Kevin Cheung kevinmcheung at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 15:06:44 EDT 2004

As this is my first post, here is my obligatory thank you to Isaac, all the 
Developers, and helpful Users.  I am pleased to say that the WAF factor is 
high here.

OK, down to business.  I have a ATI TV Wonder that, all of a sudden, got 
washed out.  I think it may have corresponded with a blackout...  The 
picture is very white and the picture quality is very poor.  I have tired 
changing the recording settings and playing with the drivers, but in the end 
I bought and added a PVR-250 (thanks to the high WAF).

I guess I'm not looking for a solution, but was wondering if this has 
happened to any of you.  The offending tuner is only a year old.


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