[mythtv-users] Another odd behaviour with Auto-Shutdown (a bit long)

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Thu May 13 13:43:43 EDT 2004

Op woensdag 12 mei 2004 19:10, schreef Mitko Haralanov:
> However, I am noticing something very interesting which could be
> interpreted as a problem. According to all the documentation,
> mythbackend checks whether there is a client connected and whether there
> is any recording schedule for the next (in my case) 1 hour. If not, then
> it shuts down. However, if there is a transcoding/commercial flagging
> going on at the moment, the backend completely ignores that and I end up
> with a lot of shows that have been recorded for several days but have
> not even been flagged.
> Since I am running 0.14 (which does not have the pre-Shutdown check
> option), I see 2 ways out.
> 1. have the idle timeout be large enough to accommodate th transcoding
> of a 1 hour show
> 2. have the shutdown script check whether mythtranscode is running and
> if it is, abort.
> No. 2, begs a question: if mythbackend issues the shutdown command but
> the shutdown process aborts without doing the shutdown (thus leaving
> mythbackend running), will the backend issue the shutdown command the
> next minute? I am afraid that it is a one-time deal, where once issued,
> the backend will not issue the shutdown command again...

Yes, it is a one time deal. Maybe you could cludge something that lets the 
transcode/commercialcut process shutdown afterwards when some file has been 
created (this together with some 'is transcode running' shutdown-script).

There's some stuff with another recording running when the trancode has 
finished, etc. This all *might* be fixed in CVS but I'm not sure about that.

	Henk Poley <><

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