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Richie Crews rcrews at intercall.com
Thu May 13 11:30:21 EDT 2004

I figured it out. Zap2it.com is the issue. If put in my zip code of 31833
and pull up listings for Valley - Knology - Digital Cable they are off by an
hour. Zap2it doesn't know of the time zone issues in this area. Now my cable
TV provider uses the same single for Valley, AL and West Point, GA since
they are so close together. If I goto zap2it and put in 31833 (West Point's
zip code) the channel listings are the same and in the list of providers
they even have Valley - Knology - Digital Cable but no West Point listing.
Select it and view the channel listings, they are the same as Valley's but
in EST time. So setting the guide to West Point is the fix for it.



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The timezone was set to EST and the time is correct (synced from
time.nist.gov). I just changed the timezone to EDT and cleared the program
guide tables. Now I am running a filldatabase and I looked at one of the tmp
files for the fill process and saw this line in it.

<tv date="20040513105711 -0400" source-info-url="http://www.zap2it.com
<http://www.zap2it.com> " source-info-name="Zap2It"
generator-info-name="tv_grab_na V3.20040302"
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmltv> ">

The -0400 is the part that urks me. It should be set to -0500... My time is
correct for the -0500 time frame. Any other ideas?

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On Thursday 13 May 2004 15:11, Richie Crews wrote: 
> I had a chance to look into this more last night, It seems that since I am

> in the LIMBO zone for time zones it could be a issue. I live in Valley, AL

> and it is truly on the Central time zone area however the central line
> not really start for another 10 miles down the road. So all the local
> broadcasters around here set it so everything is on EST. I think XMLTV is 
> giving me listings in -0400, this would explain why the local news at 5 
> starts at 4 in the guide.... Any ideas on how to correct this? 

Unless I'm severely overlooking something, wouldn't setting your computer 
timezone fix this ?  Is your system clock set right ?  Otherwise I don't 
understand it, either the TV shows are off by one hour (relative to 
wall-time) or your computer clock is oof by one (again relative to
or am I missing something ? 

Run ntpdate <ntpserver> and verify that your clock gets set to wall-clock.  
If not, your TZ setting is wrong. Not in Mythtv but in the system TZ. 


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> After getting everything working the guide seems to be off by an hour, I 
> have tried to set the time zone within mythtvsetup. I have tried Auto and 
> setting it to my time frame of -0500. Neither works... If it the show 
> starts at 10pm it shows it in the guide at 9pm. The time is correct on the

> box and after changing the settings I have always restarted mythbackend 
> after making the changes. I do know if I have to clear the guide and start

> again but just trying to get this working. Any help would be great. 

Linux: Because rebooting is for adding hardware. 

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