[mythtv-users] New User - Moto DTC 2000 vs DTC 6208 and basic pieces

Aaron Lippold aaronl at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon May 10 19:07:34 EDT 2004


 I am planing to build a MythTV system (front-end/back-end together) soon 
and wanted to find out a few things.

1. My cable company here in Champaign-Urbana IL uses either the Moto DTC 
2000 or the DTC 6208 (aka DTC 6200 rev 8) digital cable boxes. 

Has anyone had any luck getting these ( DTC2000 or DTC6208) to work in MythTV 
and if so what extra pieces (i.e. serial cable, irblaster,  etc. ) do 
I need to get one of them working and ready?

2. Since I am setting up a MythTV box I would guess there would be no real 
reason to keep the DTC 6208 correct? I should get the DTC 2000 ( given 
that it works with mythtv...) right?

3. I have a standard Sony 31" TV with two sets of RCA and 1 SVIDEO input. 
I have a ATI 8500 video card which is working fine to play my DVDs to the 
TV but have gotten the impression that a better card would be 
advantageous. Any suggestions and is this correct?

4. I have gotten the impression that many folks have multiple 
tuner/encoder cards in their MythTV boxes? Why and would I need that right 

5. Do I/will I have everything that I need?

Currently Have:

* AMD XP2500+ CPU
* 80 GIG and 160 GIG HD
* 512 MB RAM
* ATI 8500
* ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard
* Sony TV
* 2 SVIDEO cables, 2 RCA cables ( 3->3)
* Moto DTC 6208 Cable box

Planning to get:

* Hau... PCTV 350 PCI
* Hau... PCTV 250 PCI ( if needed )
* 250 GB HD 7200
* Serial cable or IRBlaster (depending on what I learn)

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