[mythtv-users] TV out card suggestions

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Fri May 7 08:04:06 EDT 2004

I have a averkey gold, it has really poor conversion.. i dont suggest it 
for any media center use..

the main problem is gradients are not smooth and it also can't keep up 
with fast motion video (it will studder)

given the price tag on it at $200 you would think it would be 1000x 
better then it is.. thank god for $25 ebay steals..


Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>I use a Tview micro for TV display.  Forget all this TV-out support in
>various cards, etc.  This just attaches to the VGA port and outputs RCA
>jacks and works great with all kinds of resolutions
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>>I built a shuttle XPC front end diskless workstation that 
>>works really well, except for TV out.  Shuttle makes a card, 
>>part number CV21, that plugs into the AGP slot and displays 
>>the onboard 845G video out through Composite, S-Video, and 
>>even DVI.  It would work great if I was in Europe, because it 
>>will only output in PAL.  There is a Jumper to select NTSC / 
>>PAL, but it makes no difference.  I went through with their 
>>tech support, flashed BIOS, tried it in all resolutions, made 
>>sure that my TV accepted an NTSC signal using my DVD player, 
>>and finally RMA'd the card. When I got the new one tonight, 
>>I do like the option of this card, because it is a single, 
>>dinky chip. I'd rather not have to use a big, fancy nVidia or 
>>ATI if possible. One less fan, less heat.  Anyone use this 
>>setup?  Any suggestions?
>>If it doesn't work out, what would people suggest for TV out? 
>> Right now, all my VCRs / TVs use composite, but I'd like 
>>something that has DVI for when I get the bigscreen.
>>Mark Hanson
>>P.S. Sorry for the rant, but I went rounds with tech support 
>>for a month, being told "Please try to change your resolution 
>>to 800X600 or to the lowest setting," "Why are you using PAL? 
>>PAL mode is not support in US," and "It could be your TV does 
>>not support NTSC, please try another TV to see if that 
>>works."  It'd be funny if I wasn't seeing red...
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