[mythtv-users] RE:Burning to DVD (saving MPEG clips)

Jason Lee mythtv at theleehouse.net
Wed May 5 13:13:39 EDT 2004

myth-lane at dowobeha.net wrote:
> I also record with a PVR-250, and would like to edit and archive my recordings.
> I know this question has come up before, but I haven't been able to find a
> definitive answer. 
> Is any software available that lets you edit out commercials and then resave
> the
> MPEG2 file, without requiring exporting separate audio and video files and then
> re-multiplexing them? 

Maybe not the best, but the first I found that worked and was easy to 
use (I also have a PVR-250) is GOPchop:


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