[mythtv-users] new theme preview

Bryan Ware bryan at hb-computers.com
Wed May 5 11:04:41 EDT 2004

Looks good...

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 09:41, Michael J. Sherman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been having a crisis of faith with regards to MythTV recently. 
> I've used Myth for over a year now, and it's spectacular.  My issues 
> are with the interface, so instead of just complaining, I'm doing 
> something about it.  I'm working on a new theme that I hope will 
> scratch the same itch for others that I've been having.  I have a good 
> friend who is running the Xbox Media Center on his hacked Xbox.  It 
> looks good.  Really good.  So I was motivated to try and bring some of 
> the look and feel of their truly amazing skins to Myth.
> I have a suggestion, and perhaps Isaac or others can chime in.  We 
> should have a theme contest.  I truly believe there are some great 
> artists out on this list who want to help Myth but can't code.  What a 
> perfect way to contribute!  So, here's my idea:
> 1) First hold a MythTV logo contest and come up with a snazzy 
> "official" logo (or just use the one on the web page now).
> 2) Put logo on a cool t-shirt.
> 3) Hold MythtTV theme contest and give the winners free shirts.
> I will gladly pay for production and shipping of the shirts (I've done 
> several for my company).
> So what do you all think?
> Without further ado, here's a preview of my new theme:
> http://stealthboy.com/pvr_contrib.php
> (the first screenshot - the "Abstract" theme)
> -Mike
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