[mythtv-users] Volume indicator doesn't move, volume doesn't change.

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Wed May 5 10:35:33 EDT 2004

I've tried this twice on my front end and am having a bit of confusion on
where to go.

First try was an FC1/Jarod setup with alsa. Chaintech 7NIF2, if that makes
a difference. While watching Live TV, if I hit F9, F10 and F11, the volume
bar shows up in the on screen display, but doesn't ever move. No mute, and
it doesn't move from 100%.

I'm currently polishing up my final frontend, which is diskless netbooted
gentoo (I'm putting together a short howto in the next few weeks, it was
trivially easy.) In this setup, with no alsa, so I assume it's myth's OSS
emulation, the volume buttons do the same thing, but the OSD indicator is
stuck at 0%. I've got sound though.

Where should I look for the disconnect between the OSD volume and the real
system volume?

Chris Thompson

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