[mythtv-users] prebuilt pvrs for developers benefit?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue May 4 12:51:48 EDT 2004

> On the other hand, I have seen a viable market (here
> in the SF Bay area anyway) for essentially MythTV
> build-it classes where support and hardware are
> supplied. A rented conference room and some marketing
> and you're off and running.

ok, now THAT is a cool idea....  offer a class for $750-1000, hardware
included, preregistration with a cancellation fee (to cover cost of
returning the hardware).  You'll know in advance how many people in the
class, and can order hardware in bulk, even if it's only a handful, if
you're ordering 5-10 machines' worth of hardware, a vendor will at least
cut you a small deal.

The trouble is advertising the classes, and getting enough people to
make it worthwhile, but not so many that you're overwhelmed.

If you started from scratch, the classes could also be billed as
instruction in building your own box, learning how to install linux in
general, etc.  Heck, since we could standardize hardware (regional
variances of tuner types aside) and distro, could even make a decent
worldwide support network (not that this list isn't one already).

I'm in if people in Seattle are interested.  I have the hardware
contacts through work, and can probably even get use of our office space
for a relatively small fee (of course, there's no cable tv here, which
would cause a problem, but we have everything else needed for computer
construction in abundance)


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