[mythtv-users] UK xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt woes - argh!

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Tue May 4 10:32:55 EDT 2004

OK, another guy with a fairly basic Myth setup. Ickle desktop case with a 
PVR-250 in it, running Gentoo with MythTV 0.13 and XMLTV 0.5.32 (latest 
version). ivTV works fine in mPlayer and all the rest of 'em (I even got 
audio working after I found out the UK version needed different module 

I've followed as many instructions as I could find to try and get the TV 
listings to work, but so far nada. I've made a similar post on the Gentoo 
forums and am about to go find somewhere to post it in the XMLTV lists.

Initial Myth setup goes swimmingly until the time comes to populate the 

I first set up XMLTV to use tv_grab_uk_rt (using the --configure option) to 
create my ~/.xmltv/channel file which lists all the channels I want - BBC 1 
& 2, ITV, Channel 4 and 5. When I run mythfilldatabase --manual (or just 
regular mythfilldatabase) everything goes pear shaped.

1) Nothing ever gets written to the database in the "channels" section. The 
rest of the database (music, video, etc etc) all gets updated immediately

2) XMLTV is using the wrong channels. It lists BBC 1 on channel 1, when 
it's actually channel 26. Same for other channels.

3) No program data is downloaded.

The text I get spewed back after XMLTV hangs (if I press return five times, 
this message pops up):

Unknown xmltv channel identifier: london.bbc1.bbc.co.uk
Skipping channel
Unknown xmltv channel identifier: channel4.com
Skipping channel
Unknown xmltv channel identifier: channel5.co.uk
Skipping channel
Unknown xmltv channel identifier: central.carlton.com
Skipping channel
Unknown xmltv channel identifier: london.bbc2.bbc.co.uk
Skipping channel

XMLTV barfs on this, and then tries to download the next days data, and 
fails, ad inifinitum. It probably doesn't help that half of those URL's 
don't seem to exist - not that it shoud need them, since it's grabbing from 
radiotimes.co.uk right? - but then I don't know how XMLTV works (though I 
might have to find out at this rate).

Does anyone have a clue a) what's going wrong and b) how I can fix it? I've 
decided that what UK users need is a good consolidated howto for setting up 
MythTV in a limey environment, since documentation on the PAL side of 
things is sketchy to say the least (oh google, where would I be without 
you?). If anyone has any help, I'd be exceedingly grateful and have already 
been compiling a step-by-step guide onto getting Myth and ivtv up and 
running in a UK environment (tailored for Gentoo, but being made relevant 
to all distros).

Thanks in advance!


New found hater of XML file formats ;^)

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