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Where can I find a step by step install for MythTV using Red Hat 9.0.

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What if you go to one of companies in China and tell them that need box of
this size with tv tunner mpeg 2 decoder
and that you want run linux on it they design it for you and write drivers
and in volume it may cost you 100 to 150 a box and price hard drive. You can
make more money in HDTV market
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> The other thing to see is that there is not just Tivo anymore.  The big
> are starting to get in on it... so your digital cable box will have the
> feature set soon.   Tivo is responding by dropping prices down to $149...
> More below...
> On Monday 03 May 2004 11:57 pm, Larry Howe wrote:
> > I think the three most important things about getting more people to use
> > linux (e.g. MythTV) are volume, volume, and volume. After volume, the
> > three most important things are ownership, privacy, and privacy.
> To get it into the mainstream you would have to just have it boot
> Linux would have to be transparent.  IMO anyway.  If you want to push
> you don't want to be selling them another computer for the house (the
> would never go for it)
> > Someone did mention volume and how there may not be too much advantage
> > more volume. I have a bit of a counterexample. I made some custom
> > a few years back and I could only break even when I made a couple at a
> > time. When I did get an order for 20 or so at once, then I could turn a
> > profit. This is of course a classic chicken and egg problem, more people
> > don't use it because more people don't use it, etc.
> >
> > In terms of ownership and privacy, this is something I think needs to be
> > emphasized more in all linux advocacy. Someone mentioned digeo.com on
> > and how it is "the competition" for MythTV. It is not the competition
> > MythTV. If you look at the digeo literature you'll see that it not only
> > monitors your viewing, it then cleverly inserts targeted advertisements
> > INTO THE NAVIGATION MENUS. So it is only the competition for people who
> > don't mind that sort of thing.
> Which is the majority (myself excluded).  From what I have seen people
> tolerate a whole lot to save a buck.  To most people they don't care if
> viewing habits are recorded and tracked.
> > For me personally, maybe it's my age, but I've had one too many ads fed
> > me, and I don't want more of them popping up in new places. How many
> > would be willing to spend $20 per month for a supported MythTV that has
> > more features, and isn't trying to sell them stuff? And would $20 per
> > per month be enough to support a business of supporting mythtv boxes?
> Only if SCO doesn't notice :)... Seriously the costs of providing support
> add up fast.  Just to have one person on doing it full time (as primary
> income) making lets say $35,000 / year would require something like 34
> paying $20 / month each.  That does not include phones, repaying for
> hardware, investors, benefits, etc...  Not to mention credit card
> collecting from deadbeats (also known as customers on a good day).
> > I would be willing to put up some money (but not all the money) to
> > a short production run (20 boxes maybe?). I can also help with sales and
> > marketing but someone else would
> > have to do the design and offer the support. My feeling is we would have
> > hit near the $300 price point to even be able to sell 20. Any takers?
> Right now, tivo is selling for $149, plus $12.95 a month.  I have some
> in-laws with Tivos and when we go through the feature set they concur that
> Myth does have some nice features but none of them seem to be ready to
> switch.
> Can a myth box be put together that cheaply?  If you are going to count on
> $20/mo to pay back the box it could be a long wait...  If your box costs
> $500, it will take over 2 years to pay for the hardware alone.
> You also have the issue of support.  If you start selling these to people
on a
> support arrangement ($20/month) and then your XML feed for channel
> information blows out you've got a problem.  What do you do when Jack
> Valencia goes down to washington and gets them to ban time-shifting
> Effectively making recording illegal.  Yeah, I know it can never happen...
> big business does not control the government...
> As a small business owner I can certainly tell you its a pain in the ass.
> > Larry
> >
> > Quoting sukeband at vzavenue.net:
> > > Hey everyone,
> > >
> > > I know the subject of selling commercial mythtv boxes has
> > > been probably talked about to death, but Iā?Td hate to see
> > > talents and skill of the major developers on this, go
> > > unrewarded monetarily. Iā?Tve been playing around with the
> > > software for a few months now and, I feel like it's nothing
> > > short of brilliant.
> > >
> > > Is anyone adverse to the idea of marketing prebuilt systems
> > > and having any some of generated go to the major developers?
> > > Does anyone see a fairly large market for these? If this is
> > > the case, I donā?Tt see a problem taking advantage of that, if
> > > it went towards the betterment of the players in the
> > > community, especially the people that made this project
> > > possible?
> > >
> > > What are your thoughts on this guys?
> > >
> > >
> > > -Rob
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