[mythtv-users] prebuilt pvrs for developers benefit?

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Tue May 4 09:32:21 EDT 2004

 I would agree the hardware is prohibitively expensive
> to sell a black box solution, but what about a
> software only solution?  If we could put together an
> install package that would install and configure a
> system.  Where the user only had to answer a few
> questions that would be a great idea!!

KnoppMyth does that beautifully.  www.mysettopbox.tv.

I also want to toss in that yes, at retail, I think the cost is prohibitive.
But if you were serious and stuck to a fixed HW config I believe you could
get the costs down significantly in volume.  These days the integrated mobos
offer almost everything one needs.   However, its still a tough commercial
proposition in the face of established players and their brands.

> Another suggestion for those who have built a system
> successfully and would like to give back they should
> write down the steps they took (similar to jarods
> guide) and publish for others to follow.

I would further suggest the end use documentation of all the features would
be worth while.  I've been using Myth for many months and still learn new
tips and tricks here on the list, just in how to use the interface or hidden
commands.  A flash tutorial might be nice too if anyone is of the graphical
persuasion here?


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