[mythtv-users] prebuilt pvrs for developers benefit?

Peter Valdemar Morch swp5jhu02 at sneakemail.com
Mon May 3 18:05:51 EDT 2004

James Orr james-at-orrwhat.net |Lists| wrote:
> The problem I see with selling prebuilt Myth boxes is ... who is your
> market?
> Somebody who just wants a PVR will buy a TiVo.

I'm living in Denmark, where you just can't buy a TiVo, or ReplayTV for 
that matter. As far as I know, TiVo is a US only thing, and they are 
experimenting in the UK. So here in Denmark, at least, there is a market 
for MythTV.

Next question is of course what happens if its a success. Will TiVo then 
come and wipe out the competition (us!) with their much cheaper 
equipment once the market has been cultivated? I would...

But TiVo is not available everywhere, unfortunately. I had a TiVo when I 
lived in the US! Besides, MythTV is more fun...


Peter Valdemar Mørch

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