[mythtv-users] LIRC help

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon May 3 17:32:43 EDT 2004

Dex West wrote:

>Here’s my currentconfiguration:
>3. lirc (installed)
>4.  lirc-0.7.0pre4.tar.bz2   (compiled & installed w/
>serial transmit)
Do you have two versions of LIRC installed?

>1.	Can someone point me to the improved circuit with a
>standard LED to show when voltage is being sent to the
>serial port.  So I can verify my device is working.
Remove IR LED and insert color LED. I did this with the simple circuit 
(if you use a plug (name?) instead of soldering directly to the LED, 
allow you to unplug LED's to swap them out).

>2.	Is there any way to analyze the signal coming out
>of my dish network remote to compare it with existing
>LIRC config’s?
Homebrew serial receiver

>3.	If no to #2 then can someone point me to a config
>that will work with a dish network echostar 301
I used the JVC_RAW with the Dish 4922 receiver (predecessor to the 301). 
I also tried JVC_4700 ( http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/jvc/JVC_4700 
) with and without the 56000Hz and Echostar DBS ( 
http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/echostar/DBS ) with and without 
56000Hz with no luck. The JVC_RAW with 56000Hz works like a charm.

>4.    Any suggestions or things to try that i may have
Keep trying. Of all of my components I'm having LIRC control (Dish 4922, 
Sony STR-DE935 A/V Receiver, Zenith Alegro VCR, Zenith (cheapo) 27" TV), 
the only one that worked with a downloaded lircd.conf was the 4922, and 
the lircd.conf wasn't downloaded from LIRC. There are a lot of different 
remotes out there, so the best bet is to configure your own.

>5.	Once I get one working is it possible to setup
>another IR Transmitter on the same box?
You only need one "transmitter." The lircd.conf includes a "name" for 
each remote definition. Therefore, name one of them "dish" and another 
"tv," etc. and specify which remote to use when sending signals. Since 
all your components use different signals, just "point" the signal at 
all of them.

Since the simple IR transmitter has a very small range and a very small 
effective angle, you would most likely have to wire several simple 
transmitters to the same pins on the serial port (i.e. send the signal 
to every transmitter/component every time) and probably burn out your 
serial port. I'm trying to find a good way to handle this and have a 
friend doing a design for a powered transmitter. If it doesn't work, I 
may modify LIRC to allow sending signals on different pins for different 
remotes. I don't expect to finish very soon (not a lot I can do to wait 
for someone else's help more quickly), but will post info once I have 
some. :)

Good luck,


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