[mythtv-users] Problems with Suse 9.0 (2.4.21).

Stephen L. Ulmer ulmer at ulmer.org
Sun May 2 11:16:14 EDT 2004

On 2 May 2004, Andreaz at t-online.de verbalized:
> Hello All.
> Im new to this all (mythtv, dvb-fun and this list)..  I use the
> great mythtv with mythmusic, mythvideo, mythweather in
> Germany/Berlin.  It was a thrill to glue the database together. And
> i must replace the channel-grabber with a perl-script ive found.  (I
> also saw a real good try to grab the epg-data out of the
> dvb-stream. But its not usable for Germany/Berlin yet).
> Ive got the metadata.o: Database is out of whack - Problem in
> mythmusic and dunno what to do. I tried all i can find in the
> mailingslist-archive.  But it seems all a bit outdated - as example
> i cant find the initial database-setup script. In consequence of
> that error i get a Segmentation Fault (no such slot...)
> - i think its the consequence of that whacky database?
> Any Idea!?
> Thanks for help. If someone who will help need more data, please
> ask.

Please don't start a new thread by replying to a message from another
thread. It adds references in your new message that point to the
old thread and make those of us with threaded mail readers angry. :)


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