[mythtv-users] Major audio problems

Aaron Johnson aajohnso at mbhs.edu
Sun May 2 09:05:53 EDT 2004

After much tweaking [and replacing of mb,ram, and finally CPU] I think i
have my back end working. It is only a p3 800 now, but has 512 mb of ram.

Anyway now i want to get my front end working, which is an IBM Thinkpad
390X.  I installed KnoppMyth, and everything but the audio works fine.  If
I play a DVD or an MP3, it sounds fine and doesnt crash. When i switch to
watching either liveTV or a recorded program it goes for about a second
with OK video, but no audio, then crashes. In the front end logs i get a
whole lot of:
Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!

and a few:
Writing to audio device: Input/Output error

Also in the logs it indicates that I'm using /dev/dsp , which is what I
use for mythmusic and mythdvd.

The audio chip is an ESS ES1938 i believe, but I know it works as music
and dvds dont have any problems.

Any suggestions?


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